Helpful Bedding Tips and Information

  • How to create Magic with Mirrors

    When placed correctly, mirrors give energy, depth and dimension to a room completely transforming an interior space and reflecting a brighter ambience.

    Here are top 6 tips to style your home with mirrors.

  • How to prevent your quilt cover from slipping around inside the quilt cover.

    Quilts (or duvets or doonas - all the same thing depending on where you live in Australia or New Zealand) have this annoying habit of sliding around inside the quilt cover. Not only can it make your bed look a bit lumpy when it’s made, it’s infuriating when it happens during the middle of the night. Learn how to prevent your quilt cover from slipping around.
  • 5 Effective eco-friendly ways to keep your white bed linen and towels white

    Do you want to have clean, crisp white sheets without using harsh bleach and chemicals?

    Here we have put together 5 effective, healthy, eco-friendly ways of keeping your whites white.

  • Music, Dance, Sleep and Kids?

    Dance, music and a healthy sleep the magical trio for your child's well-being?

    Also what brought Luna Luxury and ABC Kids Lah-Lah together in an amazing collaboration?

  • How the colour of your bed linen can affect your mood

    Will a black quilt cover make my child depressed? Will pink bed linen be calming when I'm angry with my partner? We usually base the colour of our bed linen on our preferences, but could it be affecting the way we sleep and behave? 

  • The silent enemy in your bedroom!

    Do you know what looks pretty and nice yet has a deadly undertone waiting for you?

    As you go to sleep peacefully unaware, something is slowly poisoning you!

    Who or what is the culprit...Read on to find out.

  • Thread Counts - What to look for.

    When buying bed sheets does thread count really matter?

    When it comes to purchasing bed sheets, anyone who’s turned to Google or YouTube for advice on how to choose the best linen would have been lead to believe the higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets. Hold that thought! It’s not quite that easy. Read on..

  • 10 Helpful hints for washing linen

    We spend on average 1/3 of our lives in bed. Therefore, having a clean, hygienic, comfortable sleeping environment is essential for our health. Th...
  • 5 Top tips for storing bedding.

    With Summer almost here it’s time to replace those thick warm duvets, blankets and sheets with light cool ones. The warm and cosy colours of wint...
  • What is Quality in bedding?

      Last weekend, while I was chatting with one of my customers, she said “You claim that Luna Luxury quilt cover sets are of great quality,” before ...