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10 Helpful hints for washing linen

We spend on average 1/3 of our lives in bed. Therefore, having a clean, hygienic, comfortable sleeping environment is essential for our health. The selection and care of our bed linen plays a major part in it. Our beds create an ideal environment for bacterial growth and bugs with our sweat, dry skin and other bodily fluids. It is recommended that we wash our bedding once a week and more often in summer. What are the best ways to care for your linen to ensure it’s clean, while still holding their colour and softness? Here are 10 useful tips on how to wash you bedding from the Luna Luxury team: 1- Wash your bedding in cold water on a delicate cycle Hot...

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5 Top tips for storing bedding.

With Summer almost here it’s time to replace those thick warm duvets, blankets and sheets with light cool ones. The warm and cosy colours of winter will be replaced by fresh summer designs.But as we retrieve our linen from their hiding places we are once again struck with the same old problem of unpleasant smells, mould and sometimes even creepy crawlies. Here at Luna Luxury we have put together 5 very useful tips to help store your linen so that they last longer, stay cleaner, fresher and healthier. 1-Before you put your bedding into storage make sure you wash it on a cold delicate cycle. By washing your bedding you remove any built up dead skin or sweat in the fibers....

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What is Quality in bedding?

  Last weekend, while I was chatting with one of my customers, she said “You claim that Luna Luxury quilt cover sets are of great quality,” before adding “many online bedding stores claim the same, so I am curious to know what it is you mean by ‘quality’?” This is such a big question, and I felt that I ought to share my personal thoughts and experiences with you all. I grew up in Turkey, and had no idea about different bedding materials, such as cotton, polyester, microfibre, etc. This was because every bed set there was, as default, made of cotton. We never had to look for where it was made, or what the percentage of materials were. The...

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