10 Piece Cot Sets

One day, a little human came to my world and wiped away all the worries I used to have for life, all the details that I planned carefully, all my priorities, all the facts that I have read in many books. They all vanished into the most magical, calming, relaxing sound that I have ever heard that sirened me through toughest nights and days..the breathing sound of my happily sleeping baby...
To make the best of these precious moments Luna Luxury presents you the Luna Baby collection:
* Calming, soft designs in pastel colours proven to help babies feel relaxed and soothed easier.
* The dyes used are tested and approved in Europe with Oeko-tex standards to include no harmful chemicals for the sensitive baby skin.
* All baby sets are transported and stored in very special conditions to prevent any harmful chemical contact.
* Organic Anatolian cotton fabric bears the natural desired properties; breathble, antibacterial, hypoallergenic for a healthy sleeping environment for your little munchkin.
* We know accidents do happen, but dont worry, we have you covered. No matter how many times washed, sturdy Anatolian cotton fabric will stand strong, as vivid and as soft as the first day.
Because we want the best of everything for them...