How to create Magic with Mirrors

When placed correctly, mirrors give energy, depth and dimension to a room completely transforming an interior space and reflecting a brighter ambience.

    mirror with cactus luna luxury linen

Here are top 6 tips to style your home with mirrors.

1- Floor length mirrors are great ways to make any space feel taller. Their long shape draws the eye up and carrying it around the room, making any space feel lighter and brighter.
Try turning your tall mirror on its side. This trick makes any wall look longer instantly.

2- Placing a mirror near a window would reflect natural light and the view of the outdoors, filling your room with energy while making it look larger and brighter.

3- Hang a mirror next to the dining room table. This little styling trick is applied in many restaurants around the world and it allows for softer lighting to be used, while still keeping the area light and bright and look larger.

bedroom with mirrors luna luxury linen

4- Layer of mirrors: By making an entire wall mirrored and then adding smaller, defined mirrors around, not only are you creating a larger more open-feeling space, but you’ll also be giving depth to the space without weighing things down.

5- Using mirrors in your hallways will make these narrow spaces look wider. Play with different shapes and sizes to find the best feeling for your hallway.

6- If you have a room with no or few windows, using a mirror with a window-like frame on the wall, would create a complete different feeling.

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