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Luna Luxury Linen

Luna Luxury represents natural, premium, quality bedding products.

We are a Brisbane based wholesaler, with our warehouse servicing the entirety of Australia and New Zealand. We have a team of well-trained, passionate staff, and believe in supporting our customers with exceptional service, from supply right through to after sales care. All our products have been extensively tested and scrutinised for durability, quality, and comfort.

 Luna Luxury has the exclusive rights of wholesaling from our factory in Turkey to Australia and New Zealand. Our Factory was established in Denizli, in 1973, and is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom and bed linen in Turkey. Since 1980, 90% of their products produced have been exported, leaving 10% made for the local market. The factory we use is listed among the top 500 largest enterprises in Turkey and is continuously improving their factory in order to stay in front of the competition. The factories current main markets include Europe, the USA, the UK, Russia, as well as the Middle East, with an average annual sales value of $75 million US.

In addition to the linen factory, Our factory also owns and operates its own cotton farms, weaving mills, and dye-house. All of these are backed up by their own solar farms, and natural wells.

Aware of their role as a leading company in the textile industry, and their responsibility towards the environment, The factory invests in environmentally friendly technologies. They behave in a manner that aims to reduce harm to the environment and have the philosophy “Respect for the environment equals respect for human life.” Their commitment to addressing environmental issues has instilled a company attitude which is firmly set on preserving the environment, human health, their own workers and their products. Having constructed their own dye-house in 1996, the factory, then in 1999 completed their Exhaust, Waste Water Treatment, and Recycling facilities. Furthermore, they have aided in the recovery of 1,430,727 trees by use of their Solar Power Plants, by replanting an area of 28,000,000 m² (that’s an area eight times larger than Central Park). In this way, they have been aiding in the protection of native wildlife and their natural habitats.

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Email: info@lunaluxury.com.au

Telephone: 0419532141