About Us

Luna Luxury Linen

Luna Luxury is an Australian based family owned and operated business. Based in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, we provide high quality organic, eco-friendly linen and towels to the entirety of Australia and New Zealand wholesale and online.

Our story started with a search to find a healthy, durable, pretty, and affordable bedding set for our baby girl, and for ourselves.

If you or your family has sensitive skin, or any sweating problems during the hot Australian summers, you will understand how hard it was to find the right products, and having to choose between good quality, healthy, and affordable.

Luna Luxury has quickly become the young, dynamic brand that is preferred by Australian and New Zealand families, who don’t want to compromise quality when they choose healthy and affordable.

Our Difference

  • All of our products: Quilt covers, sheet sets, and towels, are NOT made in China. Instead, they’re produced in Turkey, with European standards.
  • We grow our own cotton, all organic, watered by mineral rich spring water. After learning the nasty facts that polyester and its blends are made of the same polymers as a plastic bottle; that cotton is one of the most pesticide-sprayed crops; and the amount of chemical processes bamboo goes through in order to become as soft as we are used to, we wouldn’t want our family, or your family, to inhale and sleep on such toxic fabric.
  • We are eco-crazy! We love Australia. We love our children, and the future, and we love nature. For this reason.
  • Our cotton is grown in Turkey, using mineral rich spring water.
  • Throughout the entire manufacturing process, only green energy is used.
  • Our dyes don’t include any harmful chemicals (especially for children with sensitive skin).
  • During transportation and storage we use organic lavender from Australian farms to prevent pests, never chemicals!
  • Our factory plants millions of trees to pay back Mother Nature for the use of her land.
  • Our packaging is recycled, and multi-functional!
  • We are your one stop linen shop. From cot to King size, we cover all of your bedding needs, and don’t forget the towels.
  • We are affordable. While we may not be “cheap” like other competing brands, due to the cost of using the best cotton, and the best technology; to keeping our workers happy; to maintaining our quality, and our international certifications; due to the fact that all farming and production is done under one roof, and it all being eco-friendly, we are affordable in comparison to other high quality brands.
  • Our product quality is exquisite. We know everyone claims quality, and it’s not as simple as just that. Quality covers extensive combination of details, such as: Raw material that comes together to make the linen; workmanship; the look, touch, feel, smell, and sight of the finished product. Quality also covers your experience during your window shopping, research, purchasing, and postage. It’s how you feel when you set up your bed, after your first sleep, and after your 100th wash. It’s our promise to be with you at every stage.
  • Our cotton is extra long stable (ELS). This technical term relates to the natural length of the cotton fibres. The longer the fibre, the stronger the fabric, and the less chemicals needed to hold them together. Needless to say, the stronger the fabric, the more durable the bedding. Due to many factors, including the mineral rich land and water that is used, and the special type of seed we use (natural, not genetically modified) our cotton is special, and strong. You probably know about the famous Egyptian cotton, which is another ELS type, already more well known in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  •  We have the best customer service team! Of course, anyone can claim to have an excellent service when everything sounds so perfect, however the actual service is seen when a customer experiences a problem. Especially in today’s world, where everything is so distant and impersonal. We are investing a great effort in creating our excellent support team. Whether you have a problem with your item, or you just have some questions, our friendly, qualified support team is at your service (7/12). We are only a message or a call away. Try it :)


Contact Us:

Email: info@lunaluxury.com.au

Telephone: 0402682757