How the colour of your bed linen can affect your mood

Will a black quilt cover make my child depressed? Will pink bed linen be calming when I'm angry with my partner? We usually base the colour of our bed linen on our preferences, but could it be affecting the way we sleep and behave? The colour of your bedroom and bed linen can affect your mood.

Since the early 1920's, chromotherapy (also known as colour therapy) was found to have a profound effect on the body and even thought to cure diseases. Psychologist believe colours stimulate our emotions and behaviour, and for that reason alone, advertising gurus and interior decorators use colour to subconsciously influence people.

A prison in Switzerland painted their cells pink because it has been proven to calm down angry and irate prisoners. Next time you're starting to feel like anger is bubbling over, go and sit in a pink room for two hours and see how you feel then.

Advertisers use red in logos because it's believed to rev up appetites and get you excited. Take a look at KFC, Wendy's, Coca Cola, Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Burger King and McDonald's logos. They all contain red. Why? Because it's exciting, motivating and can make you feel happy! But should you use red linen in your child's bedroom? Red is associated with warmth and comfort, feeling fun and playful and maybe perfect if you have a child who lacks the get-up and go or motivation to do anything other than lie around on their bed playing on a phone or iPad.It's even been said to increase athletic ability.

As an adult, red can be sexy and passionate. And if your house tends to be quite cold and dark, red will bring some warmth.

So now we have established colour therapy does affect your mood, what colours should you consider for your bedding and decor?


Got an irritable baby who doesn't sleep? Why not try cot linen in a shade of green? Green is one of the most restful colours as it reflects nature and the outdoors. A mint green looks gorgeous in any nursery, is a good unisex colour and is said to fight irritability and insomnia. You can even bring greenery into the room with potted plants to help make you feel more at ease.



Bed linen in shades of  blue is seen as being tranquil, serene and calming. Blue may also lower blood pressure,-  great for those of you who are on blood pressure medication. Blue is soothing and many people tend to think of it as a cooling colours. Use of too many cool colours can make a room feel colder, which in the middle of Queensland summers isn't such a bad thing.



The colour grey in the bedroom is considered to be conservative. It's a neutral tone without the heaviness and intenseness associated with the colour black. There are many shades of grey with the lighter tones being more feminine, and the dark grey exuding more masculinity.


Purples are sexy! They evoke feelings of passion and it's said that people with purple bedding are more likely to make love more. There's even been a study to prove it.



Yellows are bright and cheery, often associated with spring and sunshine. Pastel shades of yellow are said to enhance concentration. Research undertaken by the Department of Psychology in Malaysia were found to have better retention during study. Yellow bed linen may be beneficial for the student in your home.


White is bright, often thought to be sterile and devoid of pizzazz. Although in a bedroom setting it can give an appearance of spaciousness in smaller bedrooms. It's thought of as being fresh, clean and easy to add a pop of colour with a Turkish cotton blanket.


The bed linen colours at Luna Luxury don't stop at the ones mentioned above, shop our range to explore every shade and hue available.

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