How to prevent your quilt cover from slipping around inside the quilt cover.

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Quilts (or duvets or doonas - all the same thing depending on where you live in Australia or New Zealand) have this annoying habit of sliding around inside the quilt cover. Not only can it make your bed look a bit lumpy when it’s made, it’s infuriating when it happens during the middle of the night. You know the scenario, you wake up cold and reach to yank the quilt back over you only to discover you’ve only got a fistful of cover, with barely the warmth of a sheet. Meanwhile, your partner, who is undoubtedly still snoring their head off in sweet repose, is as snug as a bug in your half of the quilt. You have three options: 1) Wake up the slumbering body next to you and get grumped at. 2) Lie awake cold and plotting the demise of the body next to you 3) Learn how to prevent your quilt cover from slipping around.
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We knew you’d pick option 3, so here’s what to do to get the duvet inner to stay put. There are a few techniques you can try.

1) Buy 100% cotton quilt covers.
Think of polyester material like a lubricant. Your doona inner is going to slip and slide around inside the cover. Polyester has an almost silk-like feel to it which is why you’ll find the quilt inner wriggles around inside with the slightest of movements. You’ll also experience the same problems if you have a satin quilt cover. Cotton quilt covers will still get a little movement but nowhere near as much as choosing polyester or a synthetic fabric.


2) Sewing tricks
If you’re a little bit of a ‘suzy homemaker’ and have a needle and thread and a pair of old shoe laces (or you can purchase spare shoelaces, they’re not that expensive), you can cut each shoe lace in half. Sew one half to the inside corner of your quilt cover and one half to the corner of your quilt inner on both sides. Once you’ve put the cover on, it’s easy to use a reef knot (right over left, left over right) to tie it in place. You don’t want to sew it in permanently because then if you want to wash your quilt inner, it makes it much more difficult. Alternatively you can use elastic hair bands and sew hooks, buttons or velcro strips into the corners.

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3) Change it up
If you’re not the sewing type (and that’s completely okay) you could switch from a quilt inner and cover to a bedspread or a throw blanket, or go for both for warmth and they look super cute in any bedroom. You could also use elastic hair ties on the outside corners of the duvet cover to hold it in place. Granted, it doesn’t look as good as neatly sewing little ties in place but if you’re the only one seeing it and you’d rather poke pins in your eyes than sew it’s a good alternative.


4) Over-stuffing.
Add an extra quilt inner to your quilt cover can help stop slippage and give you that extra fluffy looking bed that you see on TV commercials. However if you’re the type of person who overheats easily, this is probably not the best option for you.

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If you’re struggling to find high quality Turkish cotton quilt covers and inner's, that tend to be a little grippy and don’t wiggle as much, or a waffle bedspread or throw rug, explore Luna Luxury’s website. We have some absolutely gorgeous designs to transform your bedroom into one that looks like it’s just stepped out of a glossy Vogue Living magazine.

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