The silent enemy in your bedroom!


Could you be exposing your family to toxic dyes in your bed linen?

As you slide in between the sheets of your brand new linen you splurged on during the End Of Financial Year Sales, the only thing on your mind is likely to be getting a good night’s sleep, not that the sheets your slipping into may contain toxic chemicals.

Does it really matter if you buy cheap bed linen?

The short answer is Yes! And why is because not all bed sheets, quilt cover’s and pillowcases are created equal. The types of material used and dyes can affect your health significantly.

Your skin is your body’s largest most permeable organ. It has approximately 5 million pores, (tiny holes which allow your skin to breathe). There are three layers of skin, but despite this, minuscule particles can still make it past these layers and into the bloodstream. This is known as dermal absorption. An example of this is Nicotine or hormone patches. They are placed on the skin and the chemicals on the patch are absorbed into the body.

Your bed linen is in contact with your skin all night long, and even more so, if you’re one of those people who like to sleep in the nude. Your pores are more likely to absorb chemicals when they are fully open, like right after you’ve had a hot shower or bath before bed, then snuggled down into your bed sheets.

So what happens when your pores are fully extended and you’re sleeping on bed linen that’s been coloured with dyes full of toxins?
In 2012, Greenpeace released a toxic thread report, exposing textile manufacturers, the hazardous chemicals used and the effect on the environment, but if its toxic to waterways, how is any better for humans, particularly when we are sleeping on them.

But I buy 100% cotton sheets! So I’m OK, right?

The Environmental Protection Agency reported seven of the top 15 chemicals used on cotton are possible, known, likely or probable human carcinogens. Others are hormone disruptors and toxic in many other ways. Not only does it depend on what sort of dyes are used, but where and how the cotton is grown and processed.

Absorption of toxic chemicals used in cotton farming, and dyeing can have significant health effects from contact dermatitis and dizziness to serious respiratory disease, and tumours.


Can you sleep soundly knowing your beautiful bed linen is safe? Or are you unnecessarily risking the health of your precious family?

All our linen at Luna Luxury is Oeko-tex certified. One of the most internationally recognised certifications for testing of chemicals in fabrics and dyes. You can be assured that no harmful chemicals are used in our products. Our cotton is harvested and processed naturally and organically from the farms to the factory which are GOTS certified. A leading international certification for being organic so you can have complete confidence that you’re sleeping on the healthiest bed linen. We have wholesale prices, so you can keep your family safe without spending a fortune. And of course, it’s what we use in our bedrooms too.

When you are looking for bedding with beautiful colours and designs, remember to ASK your salesperson for proof that the bed linen is 100% natural, organic and toxin free!

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  • I never knew Greenpeace get involved in this…so interesting! Love it.


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