What is Quality in bedding?

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Last weekend, while I was chatting with one of my customers, she said “You claim that Luna Luxury quilt cover sets are of great quality,” before adding “many online bedding stores claim the same, so I am curious to know what it is you mean by ‘quality’?”

This is such a big question, and I felt that I ought to share my personal thoughts and experiences with you all.

I grew up in Turkey, and had no idea about different bedding materials, such as cotton, polyester, microfibre, etc. This was because every bed set there was, as default, made of cotton. We never had to look for where it was made, or what the percentage of materials were. The question of thread count never came up. All of our bedding was soft, and they lasted for generations. In fact, it was an honour for us to inherit bedding sets from our grandmothers!

Then I moved to Australia, and started setting up my new home. Naturally, I just went to the popular local department store (you know the one), and bought a couple of bedding sets. I picked out colours and designs that I liked, and made my bed. As soon as my husband saw what I’d done, a discussion broke out. “Why would I buy Poly-cotton?” He asked. “It’s yucky, and makes you sweaty and sticky.” My argument was “What would you know? It’s pretty, and we live in Australia. They wouldn’t sell you something like that.” Oh, how wrong I was.

I immediately began to notice the uncomfortable, slippery feeling of the fabric. As I tried to sleep, I felt too hot, then too cold in quick succession, and was sweating through the night. My husband sweats quite heavily, and I began to notice unpleasant smells in the bed, even though I wash my sets weekly! After a while, we observed some skin issues, such as acne on our arms, and backs, etc. So, I started researching about the materials that my chosen bedding sets consisted of. It surprised me to learn that all those synthetic materials that I was sleeping on were the same materials that go in to making a plastic bottle. I discovered that the chemicals that were used to treat some fabrics were very harmful, even carcinogenic. I found out that synthetic material creates optimum conditions for bacterial growth, and that even the soft and fluffy materials—such as mink—had high rates of allergenic substances. There seemed to be no end to the horrors that I was discovering. Of course, I won’t say that polyester bed sheets will give someone cancer. Hell, I know people who are heavy smokers who have never had cancer. They are, however, obviously less healthy.

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It was hard to admit, but my husband had been right. So, I asked him, (Mr know it all) “What should we be sleeping on?” His response? “100% cotton.” Off I went shopping again, and this time I bought 100% cotton cheap bedding sets from one of the other chain department stores. Once more, my husband comes home, and a discussion occurs. “What type of cotton?” He asked. “Where was it made? What’s the thread count?” My answers were: “Cotton’s cotton. It shouldn’t matter. What even is thread count?” 2 points to my husband now.

It still wasn’t as soft as I was used to in Turkey, but it was at least healthier to sleep on. Within just a few months, its zip broke, and its pretty colours faded. The fabric started to look old and misshapen. That’s when I started researching again, and began to learn about thread count, and different cotton fibre types. The importance of optimum thread thickness coupled with the high thread count ad a measure of the quality of cotton fabric. I learned that even cotton can be treated by cheap harmful chemicals to provide durability to the weak fibres that were produced in Asia.

Quite clearly in my eyes, my next move was to go to one of the more well-known bedding shops and spend a lot of money to buy a fancy, high thread count, bedding set. Oh, it felt like such heaven to sleep in after what we’d gone through! However, the very first wash, its stitches popped. This was because even though the fabric was great, the cheap workmanship the company employed in order to decrease cost, affected the end product. Old Mr Smug happily sat in the corner. “I did try to tell you.”

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This was when I decided to start Luna Luxury. I wanted to provide an affordable (not cheap) sleeping environment to every member of the family. I wanted the bedding to keep its shape, and the beautiful colours that first make you want to buy it. I wanted it to feel soft and comfortable, as well as to provide a healthy sleeping environment. After all, we spend around a third of our lives sleeping. We don’t try to compete with department stores such as Kmart, Big W, Target, or Spotlight. Instead, we make sure our quality can be compared with the good products of some of the big brands, such as Adairs, Sheridan, Sanderson’s, Logan, and Mason. We may not currently have an extensive range of designs; however, we are growing strong and steady as a small business. We promise to always stay competitive and affordable for everyone. As our policy states, we believe that every Australian, man, woman, and child, deserves to have a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

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At Luna Luxury, our products are all 100% organically grown, and processed with renewable energy. There are no harmful chemicals used at any stage, from growing the plants, to processing and production. We ensure that our linen has the optimum thread thickness, and a high thread count. Every one of our products are breathable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. You will love the gentle softness of the fabric on your skin as it only gets softer with every wash, and doesn’t lose its brightness, or shape. Our factory only offers the highest quality workmanship backed by several different international certifications. These certifications allow us to give it our guarantee.

From our family to yours we know you will sleep better and healthier with Luna Luxury.

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