Music, Dance, Sleep and Kids?


Why is music and dance so important for kids?

If you were a child before the invention of the internet, you will remember the hours spent outside playing cops and robbers, making up songs, putting on concerts for our parents, building grass huts out of freshly mowed grass, leaving the house as soon as the sun was up and as long as you were home for dinner, everything was good! Christmas Day, the street would be littered with kids trying out their new bikes, new pogo sticks, skipping ropes and frisbees. These days, if you venture outside on Christmas morning, it’s like the world has been raptured. Instead of being outside, kids are inside glued to DVDs, playing games on iPads or computers and quite frankly becoming more isolated. Spending time off screen is almost like a punishment, no wifi signal is the end of the world. Leisure time and rewards equal screen time with a tablet or TV.

British Council World’s singing leader Lin Marsh believes children are losing their ability to empathise, communicate, read emotions and it also affects their ability to sing, dance and be creative, all of which are important to their development. (source: British Council) Research conducted by the Queensland Department of Education and Training found regular movement, control, coordination and strength are developed through play and music.


When kids dance and sing, it teaches them how their body moves and uses a variety of different muscles as well as spatial awareness. Combining that with singing ensures children are learning about sounds, rhythm while increasing their word knowledge.

Remember the first song, you learned as a child? Most adults will remember learning the alphabet, baa baa black sheep and a variety of songs from Sesame Street. The Wiggles started an entire new genre of kids songs and their popularity gave birth to a whole new world of song and dance entertainment for kids such as the Hi.5 and Lah-Lah.


If you have a child who is not particularly sporty or doesn't want to be outdoors, dancing and music is a good way to get them exercising and nothing makes it more fun than action songs, such as Lah-Lah’s Shake It Like This, Brush your Teeth and a groovy version of the ABC's.
lah-lah band

How to ensure your kids get a better night’s sleep? Kids are more inclined to exercise when they are getting a healthy night’s sleep and feel rested. Believe it or not, the bedding you use can play a large contributing factor to the quality of sleep your child is getting. Many synthetic sheets, blankets and quilt covers are a haven for dust mites and bacteria. By changing to 100% organic bed linen sustainably made from Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton, you can get the peace of mind that your kids are sleeping soundly. Coming into summer, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your kids have organic cotton sheets because they are more breathable and being hypoallergenic, are resistant to dust mites and bacteria.

Why choose Luna Luxury Children’s bed linen? The eco-friendly cotton of Luna Luxury’s kids and babies range is breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic to create a healthy sleeping environment for our precious little people. They are also tough to withstand the daily demands of family life. We all know accidents can happen during the night, but no matter how many times you wash your sheets and quilt covers, the robust, yet soft cotton fabric will remain as strong and vivid as the first day you bough it. As part of a very special collaboration with Luna Luxury, when you purchase children’s duvet cover set, you get two free tickets to Lah-Lah and the stripy socks club which is currently touring Australia at various venues until the end of December. See the official Lah-Lah website for tour dates.


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