Here at Luna Luxury we are always ready to help so we have added some common questions.

1. Why buy cotton over polyester?

The simple answer is breathability. Cotton is naturally breathable so you don't get that hot clammy feeling while you sleep. Which also reduces bacteria and allergens.

2. Why is Turkish cotton so good?

Due to the climate and soil of the Anatolian Region in Turkey they are able to grow extra long staple cotton which is only available in certain areas of the world. Etc Egypt and Turkey. Extra long staple cotton is more durable than standard cottons.

3. How is Luna Luxury certain its linen is 100% organic?

That's easy the factory we use owns the cotton fields, processing plant and weaving mills so we have total control.

4. Why buy bedding produced in Turkey?

Turkey has a proud history of producing some of the worlds best quality bedding. Since this is a reputation they strongly protect you are guaranteed the best.

5. What if I have a faulty product?

We are yet to sell any faulty products but if by chance you receive a faulty product Luna Luxury will happily either exchange or give you a refund.