Thread Counts - What to look for.

Thread Count – What to look for.

  1. When buying bed sheets does thread count really matter?

    When it comes to purchasing bed sheets, anyone who’s turned to Google or YouTube for advice on how to choose the best linen would have been lead to believe the higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets. Hold that thought! It’s not quite that easy.
  2. Why does thread count matter?

    It’s all about comfort and durability. If you’ve ever stayed in budget accommodation or at a friend’s place where the sheets feel scratchy and irritate your skin, it’s because of the quality of the cotton and the thread count. There is nothing like snuggling down under clean, fresh, soft sheets. It’s one of those feelings that ranks up with finding $50 in an old pair of jeans or sand between your toes on a beautiful day at the beach.

  3. Does higher the thread count means the sheets are better quality?

    If only it was that simple. As a rule of thumb, the higher the thread count the softer the sheets and the longer your sheets will last. You’ll get less shrinkage. HOWEVER you need to be selective because not all thread counts are created equal. Unfortunately, there’s no international standard.

    “There’s no consistency in the size of the squares throughout the world” explained Scott Little, Co-director of Luna Luxury, a luxury linen provider. “The European standard size is one square inch (6.4cm) and has a 250 thread count and the Australian standard size is 1.5 square inches (10cm) and has a 312 thread count. This is exactly the same quality, just labelled differently. You need to take into consideration what part of the world the linen comes from.”

    It also depends on the size of the thread. For example, if you see bedding sets with a 2500 thread count and think to yourself, “Wow these must be like sleeping on a cloud,” you’re going to be disappointed. The size of the square doesn’t change, so to have 2500 horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch, you will find the threads become thinner. At 2500 thread count, the linen will become almost see-through and nowhere near as durable as a lower thread count.

  4. Thread counts compared
  5. How to choose a quality thread count.

    Whether you’re shopping online for bed sheets at Luna Luxury or browsing through a department store, when you’re looking for good quality cotton with a poplin weave you need to look for a thread count between 400 and 700. If you’re looking at cotton sateen weave (a more luxury, softer feel), look for a thread count anywhere from 700 to 1000. Once you go over 1000, you start losing quality because the thread used needs to be thinner. Thread counts below these are more likely to shrink when it gets washed or won’t withstand the demands of being pegged on the clothes lines and whipped around on those windy days.
  6. Why buy bedding from Luna Luxury

    Luna Luxury is a family operated company and only produces the absolutely best in Turkish cotton sheets from their factory in Turkey. You can rest easy knowing all the bedding under their brand has been designed and engineered to have an optimum thread count and thread size so your bedding sets will endure for years to come.

    “I’m still using cotton sheets my great grandmother used to have. They’re all Turkish cotton, no synthetic materials and they all still have their flowers and bright colours,” said Sal Little, who saw a gap in the Australian marketplace when she was looking for linen for her child’s nursery. “You want to be sure you’re sleeping in a soft and healthy environment, not just pretty and that’s exactly what Luna Luxury provides.”

    All their products are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and are breathable for the optimal sleeping temperature.

    Luna Luxury pride themselves on only selling products that are ethically sourced, organic and eco-friendly so you’re not just protecting your family, you’re protecting the environment.

    Luna Luxury is a premium provider of Turkish cotton bedding sets, duvet covers, sheets and towels in all sizes. To see the range choose Luna Adult, Luna Kids, Luna Baby or Luna Bathroom.

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