Where does our cotton come from and why is it so good?

We grow our own cotton

1. Where does our cotton come from?

Our cotton comes from a very specific part of Turkey known as Anatolia.

 2. It matter's where the cotton is grown. 

As with the very top Egyptian cotton it is known as a ELS Cotton or Extra-long Staple also sometimes called Pima which is different to the common widely used Upland cotton which has a much smaller staple. Extra long staple Cotton is grown mainly in Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Peru. Upland cotton is mainly grown in The US, Australia and Asia. Turkey in 2018 was the world leader producer of non Genetically Modified Cotton.

3.Why doesn't everyone grow Extra long staple cotton?

Environmental conditions for ELS cottons are specific: they can be grown only in the limited areas that suit the plant's needs for hot days and cool nights. All of these factors result in higher production costs, with increased risks compared to Upland cotton.

4. What proof is there that our cotton is better than the normal cotton?

Shown below is a graph showing the average size comparisons of ELS Cotton to Upland cotton. The Study was done by the International Trade centre in the U.S.

cotton staple length graph

Cotton Staple strength graph

5. Why buy our cotton products?

So with a longer stronger staple you can be assured that when you buy products made from Anatolian cotton you are getting the best.