The Edible Bedding

New popular advertising trends use the words "natural", "organic", "eco-friendly", "vegan" etc. so often that all these end up sounding like marketing la la. 
Do these words really give you confidence? Do you know the benefits and whys, why not's? Do they mean anything alone?

When we have a little think,
🚫Arsenic is Natural, but it can kill you or make you really sick
🚫Plastic is vegan but it is the major cause of earth pollution at the moment
🚫Sh*t is organic and eco-friendly, but has a very unpleasant smell and contains a lot of bacteria.

We have been thinking, how to show our difference from all others. We can confidently say that our linen and towels are safely edible. Due to the completely toxic free process, from seed to shelves, they have no harm for the human body at all.

We claim that we are the only safely edible bedding brand. But, if you want to try it, make sure you use a strong blender because you won't be able to chew the extra long staple strong fibres. Oh and by the way it can cause constipation.